Enchanting Sweet Peas Testimonials

What Gardeners Are Saying About Enchanting Sweet Peas!

“I so enjoyed last year's sweet peas in my garden...and this year there are twice as many!”
– Lisa Polard Sacramento, CA

“I took your advice about the cold and have beautiful sweet peas and can pick a bunch ever day. The sweet pea colors from your seed are beautiful!”
– Rosemary Arnold Waterloo, ON Canada

“I've had such success in growing your sweet peas.”
– John Ferrick Santa Rosa, CA

“I bought your seeds last year and now have a beautiful crop of flowers. I had no luck with other seeds in previous years.”
– Sheila Jauregui Turlock, CA

“I picked every single day once they started blooming. Such gorgeous colors!”
– Loretta Hoenig Walnut, CA

“I ordered your sweet peas last year and had wonderful, glorious sweet peas all season!!!!”
– Judy Van Houte Lakewood, WA

“I am excited to plant your wonderful seeds again. I bought the netting last year and it works so well. I’m the Sweet Pea Queen in my neighborhood thanks to you.”
Pat Towsey Provo, UT

“Your seeds are wonderful! I used weekly compost tea. Absolutely magnificent!”
Betty Heath Lake Elmo, MN

“I have been using your seeds for the past three years and they are the BEST!!!”
Linda Haydock Anchorage, AK

“Love your seeds!!!”
Chris Blevins Troy, ID

“Your seeds are the best!”
Patricia Casey, South Yarmouth, MA

There are no other sweet peas like your sweet peas.”
Carol Nordham San Clemente, CA

I have planted lots of sweet peas before, but I’ve never had such wonderful success. These sweet peas were so terrific. Just a delight! It was so much fun to give the flowers away.”
Frank Hanna Lehi, UT