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Gift Pack

All-In-One Gift Pack
This All-In-One Gift Pack includes everything you need to plant beautiful sweet peas.

• Cottage Garden Seed Collection (50 Seeds)
• 6.5' x 12' Trellis Netting
• Seed Flat
• Plant Labels
• Compost Tea
• Seed Chipping Blade


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Gift Pack

Starter Kit
The Basics: seeds and netting

  • Premium Mixed (25 Seeds)
  • 6.5' x 8' Trellis Netting


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Note Cards

Boxed Note Cards
Boxed set of eight note cards and envelopes in 4 different designs. Each photo note card is a close up of frilly feminine sweet peas that capture the softness of the petals with a painter's eye. The images are so lovely that you expect to be able to smell the sweet scent of their unmistakable fragrance.

  • Boxed set of 8

Note Cards
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Perfume-A-Room Vase

Merrill's All Natural Compost Tea
The world’s first organic premium-quality compost tea in an easy-to-use teabag.

  • Provides beneficial nutrients and microorganisms
  • Promotes lush plants with beautiful blooms
  • Helps plants resist disease and insects
  • Adds life to soil for vigorous growth A special blend of Merrill’s Rodale Organic Gardening Certified Compost, sea kelp, plant soluable humates, endomicorrhizal fungi and a mixture of plant essential nutrients will jumpstart the health of your plants. Create nutrient-rich “liquid gold” in just minutes for healthy, thriving, beautiful plants of all kinds. COMPOST TEA made easy!
  • One box of 12 Teabags


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The Sweet Pea Book

Trellis Netting
This unobtrusive trellising supplies perfect support for your sweet pea garden. Lightweight plastic netting with 6-inch squares has UV stabilizers for longer life. It can be simply attached to a wall, fence or post. Pea tendrils will wrap easily around trellising. Trellis comes six and a half feet high. Order it the length you need or cut it to suit your garden space.

Trellis Netting
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Geo Pot

Tee Pee Pole Ring
An easy way to create a tee pee structure/trellis for your garden. Poles slide in and are organized by ring. Use up to 7 poles.

Ring is 3-D printed in PETG (polyethylene terephthalate glycol - modified) which can withstand high temperatures and is flexible.

Tee Pee Pole Ring is reusable.


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Geo Pot

Geo Pots
BIG ADVANTAGES to Growing in GeoPots

    • Air Pruning for HEALTHY ROOT STRUCTURE
    • Aerates the root zone for RAPID GROWTH
    • Hand–Crafted in NORTHERN CALIFORNIA
    • Sweet peas grow beautifully in these containers
    • Plant your entire garden in containers. Each container can have a specific watering/fertilizing schedule
    • Portable
    • Re-Usable
    • Deters gophers and moles
    • Fewer weeds

“Plants grown in fabric containers have improved root structure as a result of air root pruning. Also, in contrast to standard black nursery pots, above ground fabric containers reduce maximum root zone temperature through evaporative cooling and reduced absorption of solar radiation,” according to a study done by Catherine A. Neal at the University of New Hampshire, Dept. of Plant Biology.

Using a GeoPot , grow sweet peas in most any sunny spot – Just add soil, seed and water.

Geo Pots
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Seed Flat

Seed Flat

  • Grow your own transplants from seeds
  • For seedling growing outside, in a greenhouse or cold frame
  • 50 star-shaped cells use a vertical rib design to train roots downward
  • Each cell is almost 2” in diameter with a depth of 2 3/8”
  • 11” by 21 1/2” flat is rigid enough to use without a carry tray
  • Reusable


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Perfume-A-Room Vase

Plant Labels

  • Identify plants and plantings
  • White, plastic, easy to write on


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Perfume-A-Room Vase

Seed Chipping Blade
Single-edged razorblade locks in plastic holder - the easy way to "chip" hard-skinned seed varieties.


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Enchanting Sweet Peas Gift Certificate
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